Hello, I’m Elizabeth Korger and welcome to my studio! I am a pianist, accompanist and teacher in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I have been teaching from my home studio since 2004. As a mother of five wonderful sons, I appreciate different learning styles that students bring to the bench. I tailor each lesson to the needs and goals of my students.

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Piano Lessons for Children 🙂

My goal is to create a passion for music by blending different activities into lessons that make learning fun. Outside of the traditional time spent behind the keys, we spend part of each lesson off the bench incorporating music games, improvisation and composition.

By keeping students on their toes and making music fun, students look forward to coming to lessons. While piano is an incredible educational experience in the field of music, the environment I foster seeks to instill a lifelong love of music in my students and all the benefits that come along with it.

Abe's Dancing Keys

Here is a short clip of Abe playing William Gillock's Humming Bird, at our 2017 Spring Recital.

Fourth – Sydney

  Sydney started piano lessons with Elizabeth when she was 7 years old. She was a silly little girl who could not sit still! When I dropped her off for her first lesson, I remember thinking to myself, “I have no idea how Elizabeth is going to do this.” Well, whatever she did worked! Six years later, Sydney is still silly, plays the piano beautifully and absolutely loves it. Elizabeth is so good at engaging with students and making piano fun. Sydney tries hard to perfect her pieces, not because she feels pressure to do so, but because she really enjoys playing. I could not have asked for a better music experience for Sydney.


My eight year old daughter takes piano lessons from Elizabeth. She started right before the pandemic, so the majority of Addy’s instruction has been online. Elizabeth is a great piano teacher. Her teaching style kept Addy engaged while she learned piano virtually.   She’s patient, kind, and her teaching method is thorough, relaxed and informative but most of all she makes lessons fun!  Elizabeth is awesome and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to start piano.


Nell has loved taking piano lessons. She appreciates a good challenge and has grown so much with Elizabeth’s support. Nell is a social learner and finds great value in the multiple group lessons that are offered throughout the year. She was disappointed when she could no longer take lessons in Elizabeth’s home due to COVID-19, but she was always excited to “see” Elizabeth during the weekly lessons held over Zoom. I can tell Nell knows Elizabeth cares about her, and that connection creates a wonderful learning environment where students can thrive.


Our daughter Jade began taking piano lessons from Mrs. Korger five years ago as a second grader.  Jade has grown from a beginner pianist to an intermediate student who balances many athletic and academic commitments along with her music.  We could not ask for more kind or understanding teacher for Jade.  Mrs. Korger has many students with a wide range of musical talents and she finds a way to teach them and inspire them right where they are.   Jade has loved the balance of individual lessons, group lessons, recitals, and educational games which keep her learning fresh and fun!   Mrs. Korger is a wonderful teacher who inspires students to believe in themselves to be the best they can be with a little practice!!