Students benefit from both individual and group lessons. There are two lesson lengths offered.

  • 30 minute one-on-one lessons with the instructor. Students 7 years and under start here.
  • 45 minute lessons. 30 minutes is spent one-on-one with the  instructor and 15 minutes is spent with off the bench activities.  Students work on music theory, improvisation, games, duets and concepts needing in depth exploration. Students 8 years and older start at 45 minutes.
  • Both options include 2 group lessons each semester.

Yes, I teach Adults!

Whether you played as a child or you are looking for a new hobby, 88 dancing keys studio can help. Lessons for adults are designed around your needs and ambitions. Studies have shown piano playing improves the body, calms the intellect and sharpens the mind. With the right attitude and practice anyone can learn to play.

Whether you enjoy today’s hits, jazz standards or Broadway show tunes, there is a spot for you in my studio. Whatever you decide, I’m here to help you along in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

  • Lesson length for adults is 45 minutes weekly.
  • Adults do not need to perform in recitals, but it is an open invitation.


Piano, like any other skill, requires practice. Every piano student needs to practice every day to excel. Parents can assist their children by having a well tuned instrument available at home or a weighted keyboard at the very least. Practicing at the same time everyday and establishing a routine is crucial for success.

  • Young beginners: 10-20 minutes
  • Elementary level: approximately 20-30 minutes
  • Intermediate level: approximately 30-45 minutes
  • Advanced level: 45-60 minutes