I’ve had the privilege of Mrs. Korger teaching all four of my kids piano. Her knowledge and excitement has helped foster their love for music and lead them to playing other instruments. Mrs. Korger uses music games, composing their own pieces and choosing fun songs to play to keep learning piano exciting and fun!

Jenni, Megan’s Mom

One of my favorite things about piano lessons is learning to play fun songs. I love group lessons because I get to hear other kids play and we do fun activities.

Megan, age 8

Mrs. Korger is an amazing piano teacher. She makes learning the piano fun and exciting. We play piano trivia card games, and we play games on her iPad to help us learn the notes. It is always a blast every week to get to go to the lessons. Although it’s a great time, we still learn how to play. Mrs. Korger finds places all over Oshkosh to show us off at, whether it’s a nursing home, or a judged competition.

Abe, age 14

Last year I was considering quitting piano. I had been doing it for a while and I was just done. But then my mom said that she would have me do a couple more lessons and if I still didn’t like it then, she would let me quit. So I did it and I’m so happy I did. I learned to get better at piano in ways I never thought I could. I learned to love it and I would get excited about going to each lesson. Now I know that I don’t ever want to quit piano and this is all thanks to Mrs. Korger. Piano in general has helped me become better at math, percussion, choir, and has benefited me in so many other ways. In conclusion I now know that I love piano and Mrs. Korger is one of the main reasons.

Meredith, age 13.

When my children turned 7, I drove home to Peoria, IL and picked up my old piano with a rented UHaul, drove it to Oshkosh, and started looking for a piano teacher. Elizabeth Korger was recommended to us and I quickly asked her for an opportunity to meet. Lessons soon started, and I expected to watch my children plod along, book by book, until they made it to Dvorak and begged me to quit. I was prepared for the complaining and whining.

Elizabeth Korger did this. My children have fun at piano lessons! My children want to play their pieces well, work hard at perfecting them, and have developed a level of self confidence with their music I am so proud of. I am infinitely thankful for Elizabeth & her teaching style. My children love piano….because of Elizabeth Korger.

Mom of Meredith and Abe, Jenny

Reid started his first lesson just days before his 7th birthday. After just six weeks of lessons he performed a couple of Christmas songs at a recital Mrs Korger arranged for her students. He then volunteered to play those same songs at our Church Christmas party. It was so fun to watch him practice over and over again until he could play the songs through without a mistake. What a confidence builder! Reid always walks out of Mrs Korger’s house with a huge smile on his face. He comes home eager to play the new songs he is learning. We are very grateful Mrs Korger has helped Reid grow and mature throughout this year.

Liz S. – Mother of Reid

For the past several years, our daughters, Lizzie and Abby, have taken piano lessons with Mrs. Korger. Both girls are different ages with different styles of learning, and Mrs. Korger has adapted lessons to support the girls’ strengths and motivate them to learn. She makes learning fun by intermixing group and individual lessons with social gatherings. Recitals are low stress and enjoyable for all.

Katy W. – Mother of Lizzie and Abby